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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Walnut Valley Festival 2023

Here's when I'm playing:

Monday, 9/11, 9pm: I might will crash Haymakers' set at Patton's Pickin' Parlor.

Tuesday, 9/12, 1pm, Pop & the Boys, Marquee Performance Center, 1007 Main Street. This is often attended by school kids who we entertain with murder ballads and anti-drug messages.

Tuesday, 9/12, 6pm-ish: Pop & the Boys in front of Union State Bank, part of the music/burger crawl.

Wednesday, 9/13, 7pm, Stage 5, Pop & the Boys.

Friday, 9/15, 11:15pm, Stage III, Haymakers.

Saturday, 9/16, 7:30pm, Stage 7, Eric Nelson Trio

Saturday, 9/16, 9pm, Stage 5, Wayne Gottstine & Co.

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